Raising Kids

Believe In Magic

“Fairy Tales Can Come True. You Gotta Make Them Happen, It All Depends On You.” -Princess & The Frog To The Little Girl Who Dreams Of Being A Mermaid. To The Little Girl Who Wants To Fly Like Peter Pan. To The Little Girl Who Dreams Of Riding A Unicorn. To The Little Girl Who… Read More Believe In Magic

Ramblings Of A SAHM


Oh My Goodness…You Guys… You Know Those Days Where You Just Want To Lock Yourself In A Closet & Not Adult For The Day… The Kids Are Emotional Messes… The Laundry Is Piled A Mile High… The Dishes In The Sink You Aren’t Sure If They Are Worth Saving… And To Top It All Off… Read More S.O.S

Ramblings Of A SAHM


The Dream Is FREE… But the HUSTLE… That my friend is sold separately! I remember for years WISHING I could feel good about myself again… To feel CONFIDENT… To LOVE the girl I saw in the mirror… I envied the girls on social media who were genuinely happy… Girls who knew without a shadow of… Read More Hustle

Ramblings Of A SAHM

No Apologies

Good Morning You Guys… I Apologize That I Look Like A Homeless Troll Today… 🙅🏼HOLD UP!! NO! I Don’t Apologize… And Here’s Why… The Other Day I Was Having A Conversation With A Friend…And I Was Telling Her How Tired I Am For Apologizing For My Life… I Know You Know What I Mean… “Sorry… Read More No Apologies

Married Life

Finding God

:::Time Spent With Family Is Worth Every Second::: Moment Of Complete & Honest Truth… Sundays Used To Be Super Stressful At Our House… Struan Would Leave The House At 7:30 AM For Meetings & Wouldn’t Make It Home Until 3:30 or 4:00 PM… That Would Leave Me To Get The Kids Dressed As Well As… Read More Finding God

Raising Kids

Incredible Women

“As For My Girls I’ll Raise Them To Think They Breathe Fire.” I’ve Learned A Lot Of Lessons In My Life… Some Self Taught… But Most From The Incredible Women I Have Been Raised By… None Of Us Have Had An Easy Life… Each Of Us Have Experienced Heartache, Struggles, & Pain… But We Have… Read More Incredible Women

Ramblings Of A SAHM

Be A Buddy

“Strong People Stand Up For Themselves…But The Strongest People Stand Up For Others.” I’m A Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeves Type Of Girl. So When I See A Shirt That Speaks Exactly How My Heart Feels… You Can Bet That I’m Going To Represent… It’s Like I’m Carrying A Piece Of My Soul On… Read More Be A Buddy

Raising Kids

Surviving Motherhood

Happy Friday Y’all! The Honeymoon Is Over… And It’s Officially Summer Break…💁🏼 I’m Pretty Sure I’ve Heard “MOOOOOM” About A Bazillion Times Today. At One Point I Overheard Adeline Tell Tavi… “I Don’t Think She’s Listening Anymore.” 🤣 You Got That Right Sista! I Know Yesterday I Was Professing My Love For Being Present In My… Read More Surviving Motherhood

Ramblings Of A SAHM

Love Your Life

You Guys! I Just Can’t Get Over That Twinkle In My Eye… Do You See It?! I Sure As Hell Do! That’s What Happens When You Are 100% In Love With The Life You Are Living! Now I Want To Be Very Clear Here… My Life Is Most Definitely NOT Perfect…Not Even A Little Bit…… Read More Love Your Life

Guilty Pleasures

Be Unapologetic

“Your Gifts, Talents, & Desires…Were Given To YOU… Because You Are Meant To THRIVE…& Share Your YOU-ness With The World…As Only You Can!” -Jen Sincero Good Morning/Afternoon You Guys! Today As I Put On My Hot Pink & Purple Leggings… Laced Up My Pink Converse High Tops… & Threw On My Newest Graphic Tee (Thank… Read More Be Unapologetic