Ramblings Of A SAHM

Never Alone

Growing up my mom hung a poster in my room that said, “You Are Never Alone.” It was a constant reminder that no matter where I am in life, that there will always be somebody there to help me in my journey through life. Sometimes it will be a stranger who assists in a time… Read More Never Alone

Raising Kids

Hope & Healing

Every morning like clockwork, my alarm goes off at the same time. Every morning I pick up my phone and scroll through social media for a few minutes before rolling out of bed. It’s your typical posts about last nights hit TV show drama, funny memes, rantings and ravings over the tiniest things. food pics,… Read More Hope & Healing

Ramblings Of A SAHM

Fantasy Girl

Sometimes I have this fantasy version of who I am in my head. I am the Mom whose kids are always dressed in the cutest boutique style clothing. I am the woman who loves to go out with her friends and socialize. I am the boss babe who is wildly successful. I am the hostess… Read More Fantasy Girl

Ramblings Of A SAHM

Harboring Anger.

Y’all, I’m mad. And the sad part is I didn’t even realize it until the other day. I have been harboring some majorly BAD juju. And I’ve been stubborn enough to think that if I harbored it long enough, that it would just go away. That I wouldn’t have to address how I really feel… Read More Harboring Anger.