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Save The Unicorns


This Is A PSA: Save The UnicornsĀ šŸ¦„

Every Time A Person Puts Down, Shames, Or Guilts Someone For Trying The Unicorn Frapp

A Unicorn Falls Down DeadĀ šŸ˜­

Don’t Be That Person.

But In All Seriousness You Guys…I Have Seen So Much Guilt & Shaming Going On…Over A Silly Little Drink.

Is It REALLY Necessary?!

I Feel Like There Are Much Bigger Problems Out There That Deserve Our Time & Attention.

If You Wanna Try It…Try It!
If You Don’t…Then Don’t!

But Let’s Not Make Others Feel Bad For The Choice They Make.

Think About It This Way…

What If A Friend Of Yours Has Been Working REALLY Hard On Being Healthy…She Hasn’t TOUCHED Sugar In A Few Months…

And She Decides She Is Going To Treat Herself…So She Grabs A Unicorn Frapp…While She Sips She Scrolls Facebook…

And Sees All Of These People Making Ugly Remarkes…Immediately Guilt Sets In…And Her Treat Loses Its Sense Of Magic…Should She Feel Bad About It?!

Absolutely NOT!

We All Make Choices In This Life & Just Because We Might Not Agree Doesn’t Mean We Need To Shame Others.

Or Make Them Feel Bad. We Don’t Know Their Story.

So Can We All Just Be Kind To Each Another?

I Think The Unicorns Would Want That…Don’t You!?

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