Raising Kids

Incredible Women

“As For My Girls I’ll Raise Them To Think They Breathe Fire.” I’ve Learned A Lot Of Lessons In My Life… Some Self Taught… But Most From The Incredible Women I Have Been Raised By… None Of Us Have Had An Easy Life… Each Of Us Have Experienced Heartache, Struggles, & Pain… But We Have… Read More Incredible Women

Ramblings Of A SAHM

Be A Buddy

“Strong People Stand Up For Themselves…But The Strongest People Stand Up For Others.” I’m A Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeves Type Of Girl. So When I See A Shirt That Speaks Exactly How My Heart Feels… You Can Bet That I’m Going To Represent… It’s Like I’m Carrying A Piece Of My Soul On… Read More Be A Buddy

Raising Kids

Surviving Motherhood

Happy Friday Y’all! The Honeymoon Is Over… And It’s Officially Summer Break…💁🏼 I’m Pretty Sure I’ve Heard “MOOOOOM” About A Bazillion Times Today. At One Point I Overheard Adeline Tell Tavi… “I Don’t Think She’s Listening Anymore.” 🤣 You Got That Right Sista! I Know Yesterday I Was Professing My Love For Being Present In My… Read More Surviving Motherhood

Ramblings Of A SAHM

Love Your Life

You Guys! I Just Can’t Get Over That Twinkle In My Eye… Do You See It?! I Sure As Hell Do! That’s What Happens When You Are 100% In Love With The Life You Are Living! Now I Want To Be Very Clear Here… My Life Is Most Definitely NOT Perfect…Not Even A Little Bit…… Read More Love Your Life

Guilty Pleasures

Be Unapologetic

“Your Gifts, Talents, & Desires…Were Given To YOU… Because You Are Meant To THRIVE…& Share Your YOU-ness With The World…As Only You Can!” -Jen Sincero Good Morning/Afternoon You Guys! Today As I Put On My Hot Pink & Purple Leggings… Laced Up My Pink Converse High Tops… & Threw On My Newest Graphic Tee (Thank… Read More Be Unapologetic

Ramblings Of A SAHM

The Rut.

Mamas…Have You Ever Felt Like You Were Stuck In A RUT?? That Every Day Feels Like Groundhogs Day?! That At The End Of Each Day You Look Back And Think… What The BLEEP Did I Just Do With My Day?! Anyone?! Bueller?! Bueller?! I Know I Have…It’s Like An Endless Cycle I So Badly Want… Read More The Rut.

Ramblings Of A SAHM

Giving Up

It’s Amazing The Things That Can Happen When You Finally… Throw Your Hands Up In The Air & Tell God… You Lead…I’ll Follow. This May Not Seem Like Much To An Outside Person Looking In… But This Morning I Felt This Insane Amount Of Gratitude As I Opened Up My Fully Stocked Fridge… You See… Read More Giving Up

Ramblings Of A SAHM

Save The Unicorns

This Is A PSA: Save The Unicorns 🦄 Every Time A Person Puts Down, Shames, Or Guilts Someone For Trying The Unicorn Frapp A Unicorn Falls Down Dead 😭 Don’t Be That Person. But In All Seriousness You Guys…I Have Seen So Much Guilt & Shaming Going On…Over A Silly Little Drink. Is It REALLY Necessary?! I… Read More Save The Unicorns

Raising Kids

Tell Them

“People Will Become Who You Tell Them They Are – Say Encouraging Words.” -Bob Goff When Was The Last Time You Gave Someone A Genuine Compliment? You Know…Went Out Of Your Way To Tell Them How You Truly Feel? So Many Times We Get Caught Up In The Rat Race Of Life… That We Forget… Read More Tell Them

Ramblings Of A SAHM

I Hope You Know

Meet High School Makala… She May Look Like She Is Strong, Confident, & Secure In Who She Is… But Honestly That’s All An Act. In Fact That Girl You See…Spent Her ENTIRE High School Career Walking From Class To Class… As Fast As She Possibly Could…Eyes On The Ground…To Avoid Others… She Was Insecure…And Worried… Read More I Hope You Know