Ramblings Of A SAHM

Harboring Anger.

Y’all, I’m mad. And the sad part is I didn’t even realize it until the other day. I have been harboring some majorly BAD juju. And I’ve been stubborn enough to think that if I harbored it long enough, that it would just go away. That I wouldn’t have to address how I really feel… Read More Harboring Anger.

Married Life

Date Your Spouse.

Admit it, married life can be HARD. Two lives coming together in one household? Yeah, there’s gonna be some rough patches. Don’t get me wrong it has it’s magical moments, but it also entails a lot of work to keep the marriage healthy and happy. I think we grow up believing that we find the… Read More Date Your Spouse.

Raising Kids

Believe In Magic

“Fairy Tales Can Come True. You Gotta Make Them Happen, It All Depends On You.” -Princess & The Frog To The Little Girl Who Dreams Of Being A Mermaid. To The Little Girl Who Wants To Fly Like Peter Pan. To The Little Girl Who Dreams Of Riding A Unicorn. To The Little Girl Who… Read More Believe In Magic

Ramblings Of A SAHM


Oh My Goodness…You Guys… You Know Those Days Where You Just Want To Lock Yourself In A Closet & Not Adult For The Day… The Kids Are Emotional Messes… The Laundry Is Piled A Mile High… The Dishes In The Sink You Aren’t Sure If They Are Worth Saving… And To Top It All Off… Read More S.O.S

Ramblings Of A SAHM


The Dream Is FREE… But the HUSTLE… That my friend is sold separately! I remember for years WISHING I could feel good about myself again… To feel CONFIDENT… To LOVE the girl I saw in the mirror… I envied the girls on social media who were genuinely happy… Girls who knew without a shadow of… Read More Hustle

Ramblings Of A SAHM

No Apologies

Good Morning You Guys… I Apologize That I Look Like A Homeless Troll Today… 🙅🏼HOLD UP!! NO! I Don’t Apologize… And Here’s Why… The Other Day I Was Having A Conversation With A Friend…And I Was Telling Her How Tired I Am For Apologizing For My Life… I Know You Know What I Mean… “Sorry… Read More No Apologies

Married Life

Finding God

:::Time Spent With Family Is Worth Every Second::: Moment Of Complete & Honest Truth… Sundays Used To Be Super Stressful At Our House… Struan Would Leave The House At 7:30 AM For Meetings & Wouldn’t Make It Home Until 3:30 or 4:00 PM… That Would Leave Me To Get The Kids Dressed As Well As… Read More Finding God