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Never Alone

Growing up my mom hung a poster in my room that said, “You Are Never Alone.”

It was a constant reminder that no matter where I am in life, that there will always be somebody there to help me in my journey through life.

Sometimes it will be a stranger who assists in a time of need, other times it will be a friend to give doses of tough love, and sometimes it’s a higher power.

So many times we walk around feeling like we are all alone, but we aren’t, in fact, this world was designed for us to help in carrying one another home.

We never will fully understand or see the true impact we have made on others in this world.

Through brief encounters, short-lived friendships, and lifelong relationships.

We are there for others, just as others are there for us.

We are never truly alone.

I think about the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) and the man lying on the road waiting for someone to rescue him.

Some could say in the moments after the men denied him help, that he was alone.

But he wasn’t He was comforted by the spirit, letting him know that it would all work out.

And it did, in a way that nobody thought it would. A man who was taught to hate the Samaritans, showed love, compassion, and humanity to someone in need.

Sometimes we get angry and feel we are alone because life isn’t working the way we think it should. We get upset and think that everyone has turned their backs on us…even God.

And maybe sometimes we feel we deserve it. That we haven’t been living life the way we should. That we are just getting what was coming to us.

But then a light shines through, and we catch a glimpse of God working in the beautiful way that He does. We see that humanity still exists, and is working through Him still.

You may be sitting here thinking, she doesn’t get it. Sure God has my back, but where are the tangible people? The ones who are supposed to be in my corner? Nobody has ever gone to bat for me, ever.

Do you really believe that you have become the person you are today all on your own? That you have gone through this life without anyone to thank or give credit to?

What about the lunch lady who gave you an extra serving at lunch because she knew it was your only meal? What about the $10 bill you found on the ground while walking home from work? What about the man in the store who gave you a confidence boost with a genuine compliment? What about the teacher that never gave up on you, even when your grades read a different story?

We are never alone. There is always someone to lend a hand, a heart to pour out love, and a light shining to guide you home.

We are all in this life together. Not only were we each individually sent here for a purpose, but we were also sent her together at the same time, it’s not a coincidence we are supposed to learn from one another.

We are supposed to walk each other home.

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