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Meet High School Makala…

She May Look Like She Is Strong, Confident, & Secure In Who She Is…

But Honestly That’s All An Act.

In Fact That Girl You See…Spent Her ENTIRE High School Career Walking From Class To Class…

As Fast As She Possibly Could…Eyes On The Ground…To Avoid Others…

She Was Insecure…And Worried So Much About What Other’s Thought Of Her…

If She Heard Whispers She Would Automatically Assume Others Were Talking Negatively About Her

Even Younger Kids…& Her Face Would Get Red & Hot.

Most Days She Felt Like A Loner…And That People Were Just Nice To Her Because They Took Pity On Her.

Even When She Was In Her “SAFE” Space (The Choir Room) She Didn’t Feel So Safe.

You See What You Don’t Know Is That Her First Year Of High School Was EXTREMELY Rough…

Many Nights Were Spent Crying Into Her Pillow Because Of Things Others Did & Said To Her.

That Year Shaped Her Life For A VERY Long Time.

EVERYTHING She Did Was A Calculated Decision…From What She Wore…To What She Listened To…To What She Ate.

Honestly, She Just Wanted To Fit In.

Everything She Did Was To Please Someone Else

Yet, She Never Really Knew WHAT Her Place Was.

So Why Do I Tell You This?

Because I Think We Can ALL Agree That High School Is ROUGH!

I Know We ALL Had/Have Our Insecurities And Many Probably Stem From Those Four Years!

Good Heck! I STILL Struggle Smiling With My Teeth…Because Of What ONE Brainless Boy Said To Me.

So Now I Am On This Journey…To Help Others Lose Those Insecurities That Have Been Haunting Them All These Years…

To Love Themselves From The Inside Out! To Realize That They Are Nothing Short Of A Freaking Incredible Rock Star! And What Other’s Think About Them Is None Of Their Business! 😉

To Shed The Unnecessary Baggage, & To Live Life Out Loud And On Purpose.

Because If You Can Get The Inside Right, The Outside Will Fall Into Place <Eckhart Tolle

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