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Hope & Healing

Every morning like clockwork, my alarm goes off at the same time.

Every morning I pick up my phone and scroll through social media for a few minutes before rolling out of bed.

It’s your typical posts about last nights hit TV show drama, funny memes, rantings and ravings over the tiniest things. food pics, and more. You know, your typical social media feed.

But this morning it was different.

The first post I encountered read…Pray For Vegas.

What? What happened? I continued to scroll hoping to find out what I was missing.

Another friends post popped up, announcing that she was shook up but safe.

What did this all mean?

And then I saw it. The deadliest mass shooting in US history had just occurred only a few hours before.

My heart sank and the tears began to flow.

I watched for a few hours as posts of prayers, love, condolences, and heartfelt messages began to flood my social media account.

And then it ended, and fingers began to be pointed.

I’ve watched friends take stands, make nasty comments, and draw a line of divide. My side vs. your side. So many accusations against one another.

And I get it, there are stages of grief. Some have hit the angry stage. They are pissed off, and they have every right to be. What has happened is absolutely outrageous.

But it breaks my heart. Because instead of coming together as human beings to try to piece together such a horrific event.

We take sides. We judge. And we start banging these loud drums calling for our own version of justice. How we think these issues should be resolved.

When instead we should be locking arms saying, “What can I do?” “How can I help?” “Even though I don’t completely agree with what you say, I understand and love you.”

I understand the hurt and the anger that is swirling around this tragedy. I myself find that I am a ball of mixed emotions.

I’ve thought a lot about how I am going to explain this to my kids.

We teach our kids that violence is never the answer. That we treat one another with love and respect. We choose to be buddy’s instead of bully’s.

So how do I explain to them that sometimes horrific things happen even when we have done nothing wrong. Sometimes you go to a movie or a concert, and your life is completely flipped upside down by someone else’s actions.

Will they ask me about the shooter? Will they want to know more?

How do I explain the actions of others with the aftermath of the tragedy?

These are all questions I have swirling around in my brain…

But a little voice inside whispers…”You know what to do, just go back to the basics.”

So I’ve been sitting here thinking of the basics I was taught as a child.

That sometimes bad things happen to good people.

We may not know why things happen, but there is a purpose.

Life is a gift, so never take a moment for granted.

That it isn’t our place to judge others.

To pray for all those involved on both sides.

And most importantly that we are all children of God, and He will carry us through.

We must cling to hope in such a devastating time.

We must look for the light in such a dark place.

And most importantly we must never stop working towards a more peaceful world.

How do we achieve that? We start today. We make ourselves a promise to be a little kinder to the strangers we meet.

To look through the lenses of love. To see the world around us with a different view.

To take small steps every single day, to do better, to be better human beings.

The world can’t change unless we are willing to do the same.

To all those who have been involved in this tragic event. Please know, you are loved wildly, massively, and ferociously.

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