Meet The Hot Mess

If you have been looking for the perfect “Pinterest”worthy Mom blog, I’m sorry to disappoint you…but you won’t find that here.

In fact I pride myself on being an Amazon Prime Mom and have thrown some kick ass parties with just a few clicks and the swipe of my card. Ain’t no shame in my game.

So if you are a Mom who feels like she doesn’t have it all together, welcome friend. No judgement here. We actually love Hot Messes of all types & welcome you with open arms.

In fact I created the blog as a means to inspire and maybe even cut a few corners for you. So you can have the appearance of being put together without being put together.

We know your kids mean the world to you, so why should you waste hours on beautiful cupcakes that will be devoured in .5 seconds?

Let’s face it, you probably don’t even bake. Your secret is safe with me.

Hi, my name is Makala Clark. I am a wife to a hottie of a man. Mother to two WILD yet adorable creatures. A wannabe blogger, yogi, roller derby girl, and Mrs. America.

But instead I’m mostly just a Hot Mess, Taco Obsessed, Diet Coke Drinker, Mug Lover who BELIEVES in Jesus and all things MAGIC.