Married Life

A Letter To My Love


August 5th 2009

Pretty sure I have met the man of my dreams. I met the most amazing man ever Struan Alexander Clark. He motivates me and makes me want to be a better person. He understands me and doesn’t judge me for my past mistakes. God truly has sent the right person to me, and I am forever grateful. In the short time that I have known him, he has taught me so much. He is amazing, and I hope that I can spend the rest of my life with him. I wonder each and every day how I lucked out to find someone so special. Perhaps, I’ll never know.

Seven years ago today this hunk and I tied the knot. And I must say it was the BEST decision I ever made.

You see he was the one to pick up the pieces of a broken girl. Literally, our first date was him picking me up at 11 pm at night, hair in a pony, mascara stained face…just to drive around in his car and listen…

Some would say our relationship moved too fast…but when you know, you know. And we knew we were supposed to spend our lives together.

He is my best friend, he has never judged me for past mistakes, and has always loved ME for me! He was and is the boy of my dreams.

Our last 7 years haven’t been perfect by any means…we had a lot of growing up to do along the way…but in the end I would never ever trade what we have. It’s special, it’s rare in this world, and is one that will last a lifetime

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